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    Some of the ingredients that make up Peter’s recipes for success are found in his unique mixture of keen business savvy, sharp communication skills, innate sensibilities of others, and, above all, his heart that is as vast as his list of contacts.”

    Jennifer O’Neill, Actress, Author, Speaker

    "Peter has been a valued partner and friend. He represents remarkable access to the power players in business and politics globally. I am happy to be a reference for him anytime!"

    Governor Steve Cowper- Former Governor Alaska

    "Being with Peter is like Sitting with Google Search!"

    Ambassador Eugene Douglas

    "Peter Strople never forgets. He is your friend for life, connecting and reconnecting. He is the consummate abundance mentality entrepreneur, always giving. Always take his calls -- there is always a gift at the other end."

    Richard S. Levick, Esq.- President & CEO- Levick Strategic Communications

    "Life is about relationships. Relationships come from integrity. Peter Strople is a lightening rod of relationships. His word is his strength. To be in his circle is to be in a place of action and decision."

    Jay Litt- Partner -Resolution Services LLC.- Former SVP Resorts and EVP Operations Wyndham Hotels

    It's my pleasure to share my tremendous respect for Peter. His commitment to making this a better world is truly amazing. He is dedicated to making a difference.

    Dr. Tom Hill, Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul

    They say, you can just be. You can't use labels, definitions, philosophies or theories to explain it. Peter Strople has been my mentor by just "being" my friend, by believing in me, by inspiring me, by pushing me to think a 100 times bigger than I did at any given time and always followed it by action. After I read his blog, I finally understood what he meant by instant change all these years. I get it Peter. Yes, every human being is changed the moment they meet another. It's the way of the universe. It's inevitable.

    Sarah Siddiqi- CEO & Founder Experience Bangladesh

    Who do you know that you would put the label 'life changer' on? I hung that one on Peter Strople after only one day with the guy Business? refers to as the 'most connected man in America'. Talk about 'instant change'. Peter will make you want to reorder your priorities, clarify your thinking and shorten your sentences ... instantly. Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren was the first to call the St. Louis based initiative I founded, "Graduate America Priority 1", a 'model for the rest of America'. And Peter Strople is the one helping take the model to the rest of America. I thought I had outlived my many 'life mentors' until I met the 'life changer'. If you are a person that is intimidated by greatness, you should probably avoid Mr. Strople. But if you are one that truly believes your best days are ahead of you and there are certain people that can take you there ... run to the 'life changer', Peter Strople.

    Ed Watkins, Founder Graduate America Priority 1

    "Peter represents the highest level of professionalism and integrity. He has the most extensive reach of any person I have worked with before. Peter is unique. His power comes from an extensive network of very high level executives, built on deep personal relationships. What impresses me most is the quality of "out of the box" thinking and the professional standards he applies. I am very pleased to have met him and in the course of this work, have made a new friend."

    Jack Hewitt, Chairman & CEO Aruna Solutions, Inc and Former Undersecretary of Energy

    “Peter has the respect and cooperation of people in the highest levels of business. He gave his immediate and personal attention to my requests and, with a few phone calls accomplished all I asked for. He has earned my highest respect.”

    Dennis Tracey- Former CPO, Dell Computer Corp.

    “Peter is a consummate professional -- energetic, enthusiastic supporter of his companies, and very well connected.Strongly recommend him as an advisor and financial partner to growth companies.”

    Randall Wolf, Prinicipal Stone Point Capital

    “I strongly recommend Peter. Very well connected and a fountain of knowledge and information. He has helped me many times.”

    John Baker- Former British Telecom CTO

    “Peter knows how to make a difference. His ability to match interests, skills, needs, and opportunities is unparalleled in my experience. He is a master at pairing small, cutting-edge entrepreneurs with larger business partners. Every minuteI have spent with Peter has been value-added and has resulted in business opportunities that have helped me advance my company to the next level.”

    Jody Westby-Former Head of Price Waterhouse Sarbanes Oxley Business Practice Co-Chair American Bar Association Privacy and CyberCrime Committee Former Chief Legal Counsel In-Q-Tel

    “Peter is a man of integrity and passion. He's very well connected and is good "steward" of those connections.Honored to have him as my friend.”

    Steve Leach, CEO, Nova Centrix Corp.- Former member of Dell Ventures

    “Peter's contact list is legendary. Knowing Peter has allowed me access to a Who's Who of corporate America. While his contacts are certainly impressive, his humble manner and willingness to provide help are even rarer qualities. He has my greatest respect.”

    Joel Trammell- Former CEO - NetQos

    “Being a friend of Peter is like having a trust fund that keeps giving to you and everyone around you. Peter enriches all who know him by his humble approach to giving of all he has to others. His relationships and connections are used to bring people together for their mutual benefit and for him to find ways to give to those who need help. He is a true servant of God and man. I am lucky to call him a friend. Thank you, Peter. He will change your life and feed your spirit.”

    Bill Fields - Former CEO - Wal-Mart Stores, Blockbuster Video and Hudsons Bay Company

    "Peter took the time to hear my radical concepts and connected me to persons in the community that complemented them. He could see when others could not. I am grateful for his time, support, and mentorship. Peter is a champion of the new economy".

    John Bush President AdBongo

    “Peter is a tremendous resource for organizations that are trying to improve their top line growth. Peter is effective at helping companies think "outside-the-box" by leveraging an impressive network of influential U.S. business leaders.”

    Mark Harada- Director Business Development Constellation New Energy

    “It's been a great pleasure to know Peter for a number of years both personally and professionally. I have met a lot of incredibly bright people in business, good at their area of expertise, and Peter is at the top of his class in his business categories. Yet he hasn't compromised his compassion or thoughtfulness for individuals. I would highly recommend him as a business resource.”

    Dave Parker, CEO, 9Spaces, Inc.

    “Peter is able to see both the big picture and what has to happen at the detail level to make things work - a rare and wonderful combination. He is also a master at identifying partnerships and putting the right people together to make them work. Any company or business person is better with Peter on their team.”

    Elyse Yates- CEO I&O Communications, Former Head Media Relations Governor Ann Richards

    “I have known and worked with Peter for the past 9 years. He is an individual of outstanding character, energy and vision. Peter is also extremely well-connected globally. We are happy to have him as an investor and advisor to our firm”

    Blake Swensrud- Chairman & CEO Worldcell

    “I have worked with Peter at a strategic level to validate numerous opportunities; he is a go-to-guy who, via his network of national leaders from business and academia, can open doors to professionals who add value and frequently help guide or direct a project to the next level. He has proven himself to be a professional and trusted associate with a high degree of intellectual curiosity.”

    John Fleming, Former CEO SriLanka Airlines (AirLanka) and Former Head Caterpillar Asia

    “Peter is the most well connected and generous man I've ever encountered. He has a rare ability to access the right people at the right time for virtually any issue that one might face. Peter is also a seasoned business executive who has counseled me on a number of occasions--he always seems to deliver the right answer and perspective. I highly recommend Peter Strople!”

    Stanley Fields, Chairman, Climate Clean, LLC

    “Peter, is very effective at determining strategic partners for new technologies and at evaluating the real promising technologies. He also has access to the appropriate user. Similarly, he is very knowledgeable of the type of venture funding that can support various technology fields. His access to all levels of leadership is remarkable.”

    Archie Clemins- Retired 4 Star Admiral and Head of the Pacific Fleet

    “The right relationships can determine the success of any endeavor. Peter has mastered the art of meaningful executive relationships.”

    Hank Stringer, Author and Former CEO and Founder HIRE.COM

    “Peter is top notch, trustworthy and knows everyone.”

    Steve Martin

    "Peter has been a good friend and mentor to me and he has both challenged my thinking and inspired me to new heights. I value his wisdom, his insight, and his ability to see past the "ordinary" and to envision the possibilities. He has a profound understanding of how critical great relationships are, what it means to build a deep network, and how important having people around you that you know, love, and trust. I have been blessed by his friendship and I am tremendously grateful that our paths have crossed."

    Kevin Miquelon, President Food-man

    “Peter is a great guy. I have a lot of confidence in him and he has helped put me in touch with the right people Globally, as my business has required”

    Jordan Cowman, Partner Akin Gump Former Deputy Delegate to the United Nations International Labor Organization

    “I was introduced to Peter Strople 8 years ago thru some mutual business associates. I have come to count on Peter's advice in many industry verticals. His character and business acumen is only surpassed by his large, very loyal network. He is a man I respect very much.”

    Joe Dilorenzo- COO- Plymouth Rock Studios, Former CFO Boston Celtics and Boston Gardens

    “While Peter has a great ability and integrity to successfully put people and business together, but what really stands out is that he really cares about his partners and friends. Forming a business alliance with him is more than a mechanism to achieve narrowly defined business objectives; it is a basis for building and solidifying a human relationship."

    Tony Hussain, Healthcare Advisor, Washington, DC

    “It is amazing who you can meet at Starbucks....I was drawn to Peter's energy from the first time I met him in line at the infamous coffee house. He has proved to be an amazing resource, a pillar of strength, a motivator, a listener, an adviser, a confidant, and most importantly, a trusted friend. I know I can speak for most who know Peter when I say we are lucky to be part of the wonderful thing called "Peter's Life."”

    Kerry Petranek, CEO, Stoneage Tools

    “Wow. How do you explain Peter Strople in a few words? I think the foundation for everything Peter is and does is because he's a man of character. He offers help....and he gives it when you ask him and many times when you don't. He says he will do something...and he does it. Peter is the kind of guy you feel honored just to be around. He makes you abetter person just by knowing him.”

    Beth Carls, CEO, MindOH!

    “Peter is a good friend and great person. Peter's deep roots in technology companies has been instrumental in helping us get SocialDynamX up and moving quickly. Peter at his core prefigured social capitalism. Via Peters social network and stocks of social capital I have learned that I'm within one call of any meeting that I may need to get our problem solved or introduced to new opportunities.”

    Stephen Dulaney, Deloitte & Touche Former Technology Advisor to CEO of AT&T

    “Good business is good business and no one makes that point better than Peter. Peter’s Home Plate model is an excellent tool to assist in aligning the path you are on and the principles you value. “An Instant Change Morning withPeter Strople makes clear that change is always within reach and even the smallest changes can have profound impact on your life and the lives of others.”

    Greg Bibeau, TerminalB

    “Peter is one of the finest gentlemen and one of the the smartest and most reliable businessmen I have ever met. I am truly amazed by the way he thinks and how he deploys his intellectual, financial and human capital to get things DONE.I strongly recommend him to anybody who means business and who's looking to interact with somebody with the highest integrity. We are proud to have him as an Associate Partner at Blackhawk."

    Ziad Abdelnour- Managing Partner Blackhawk Group, NYC

    “Peter is an incredible partner. I have worked with him on several projects. In short, Peter makes things happen. His network is wide and deep with others who also have a deep respect for him and his work.”

    Glenn Lovelace- CEO- Penasco Valley Telecom

    “I have used Peter as a resource in several start-up companies. Peter’s ability to put people together and provide council has been a valued service. Peter was the link in my becoming the CEO of MSU Devices. He became an investor and advisor to the company and was responsible for hiring most of the management team. I give Peter my highest recommendation as a loyal and trusted Business Partner.”

    Bruce Walter, Investor and Former CEO/ President GRiD Systems Corporation

    “Peter uniquely provides the relationships and resources that are, by far, our most strategic assets. By placing respect and compassion at the heart of business, Peter has created a counterbalance and a challenge to a world governed far too long by principles of power and disparaging control. By the grace of Peter Strople, BlabberMouth PR is a raving fan.”

    Patti Hill, CEO, Blabbermouth PR

    "I've known Peter Strople since 1988 when we had the pleasure of working together at GRiD Systems Inc. In all these years that we have known each other I can't recall ever seeing Peter without a smile on his face and enthusiasm for the future. He is a consummate sales and marketing professional; but one who truly cares about the people he works with and the clients we all serve. Now 23 years later, my respect for Peter and his love of life and all the people he touches, continues to grows every day."

    Jim Chapman, Former VP Dell Computer Canada Former GM GRiD Systems Canada

    "Peter has a great way of shedding light on the key principles needed to clearly understand your strategy. Spending time with Peter - either one-on-one, or in one of his sessions - is guaranteed to provide anyone with some ready-to-use tactics to implement immediately in their business. Peter's strength is in his experience and network. And, Peter also understands how corporate responsibility is tied in to social responsibility - he provides a great example for all business leaders, and has shown how if we can work together we can make instant and drastic social change. Since meeting with Peter, we have implemented some of his principles and encouraged our management team and employees to help drive positive change in the lives they touch."

    Rick Endrulat, Virtual Causeway

    “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Peter for more than 5 years now. He not only has an amazing mind for business, but is one of the most serving and encouraging men I’ve ever met. Every time I meet with Peter, not only do I get more accomplished than I had anticipated, but I walk away with a better perspective on life and a deeper sense of my vocation. Without a doubt, Peter is at the top of my list when I think of an accomplished business leader who truly empowers those around him.”

    Rob Bailey, Founder/Partner, Aristin Imports China

    “Peter understands the importance of building long-lasting relationships in his professional and personal life. He has the wisdom to recognize that in the marketplace, your character and integrity are more important than your title and possessions. There are many times that I have reached out to him for advice and leadership, and I have never been disappointed.”

    Scott Elequin, President and COO, SmartDog Services

    “Peter has assisted in connecting our company with key industry leaders. This has helped us tremendously in tuning our message and getting it out to the right people to generating market interest in our product. We are very happy to have Peter join our Board of Directors.”

    John Greening, Former Partner Ernst & Young

    “Peter is one of those people anyone would be proud to know. His ethics, his love for people, community, philanthrophy, church and business go untouched by anyone. I am proud to call him friend & mentor. His knowledge of business and non-profits keeps amazing me. You can not walk away from a meeting with Peter without feeling motivated and good about life."

    Sandi Jones

    “Peter is one of the most amazing human beings that I have ever met. He is a true friend and has a heart of solid gold. I have the utmost respect for Peter and would recommend him to anyone.”

    Marty Marmor, Principal, Enteramente Artist Management

    “Peter brings an acute brilliance to everyone he meets and everything he touches. You will find him to be smart, compassionate, wise, warm, insightful, giving, and an endless source of ideas. Working off a foundation of solid core values, integrity, and experience Peter can help you with your personal strategy or your board room strategy. His self developed methods for success are unique and rapid. Peter operates from his heart, making his insight and advice refreshing and unique.”

    Mary Greening, Director of Business Services, NetQOS

    “I engaged Peter recently in one of my start-up technology ventures to assist me with positioning my company in a competitive landscape. Peter has a unique, God given talent and passion for quickly assessing situations in a complex business environment, and formulating a clear and cogent strategy to implement. Even more invaluable is Peter's ability to match senior level professionals (CEOs etc) that he has interfaced with over the years, that have served to mentor and validate strategy and assist in execution. Perhaps most invaluable to this process was Peter's integrity and the fact that he challenged me to clearly articulate , define, and execute my mission with clarity. I consider Peter both a friend and an incredible business resource for an organization who is serious about winning.”

    Dennis Cannelis- Serial Healthcare Entrepreneur

    “Peter is a person that lives out the principle of servant leadership. His coaching and mentoring to my colleagues and myself has been nothing less than amazing. His philosophy of service to others through "credits" is a model in which all of us should practice. He is on the cutting edge of being salt and light in the marketplace."

    Kimo Storke, Principle, KAS Consulting

    “Peter is far and away a market trend setter and leader beyond approach and in each endeavor ..his attention to detail, energy work and professional ethics are above approach. In each endeavor from a professional job scope to his many humanitarian volunteer activities Peter 's honesty , dedication to do the right thing each and every time is above approach. As an individual or a representative of your company you will marvel at the the results and energy Peter and his team can bring to a personal or professional projects. His impeccable credentials and personal integrity speak wonders! It's a personal honor and pleasure to be associated in his network and one of his close colleagues. My comment --if you can get on his calendar..you need to!”

    Jim Ledoux, Regional Vice President, Lonestar Solutions

    “Peter always shows a passion and enthusiasm for life - work being a major part of who he is. He is a good listener, a good friend, and most importantly a genuinely good person.”

    Jill Altman, Account Supervisor, HC&B Healthcare Communications

    “Peter is a man of incredible integrity, professionalism and expertise. His connections, personality and quick industry/product understanding produces incredibly fast and solid results. I highly recommend Peter for any organization needing a solid return on marketing/sales investment as well as any organization desiring insightful and respected guidance.”

    Greg Fitzgerald, Former CMO, Tipping Point

    “I have been fortunate and blessed to have Peter as both a friend and as a trusted advisor. His ventures are far reaching with meaningful impact to many communities as well as their commerce. He is the consummate business leader with a professional network that is not only high and wide, but with deep global reach. His warm and generous heart transcends into a long list of loyal followers.”

    Geoffrey Ryder- Former Verizon executive

    “I worked for Peter while he was President & General Manager of Interleaf Canada. The lessons I learned from Peter have been instrumental in growing my career and helping the companies I work for succeed. He taught me that people do business with people they like and trust. Peter is someone you can't help but like and you can trust him, unconditionally."

    Peter Lalonde- Former CMO, Interleaf Canada

    “I have known Peter for 10 years, and have asked Peter for his advice and assistance many times. Peter’s personal and business approach are both based on high values and ethics. Peter's ability to “open doors” in the business world is only exceeded by his genuine concern for the well-being of everyone who comes to know him.”

    Robert Specchio, CPIM

    “I thought I knew how to professionally network until I met Peter Strople. He is to business as a playwright is to the theater. He can magically hear a bit of a thought or idea and create an unfolding master screenplay by introducing the"Who's Who" of corporate movers and shakers during the course of an informal meeting. I cannot recall meeting someone as gracious and unpretentious as Peter.”

    Gary Novosel, SVP & CIO, Amplify Credit Union

    “As an entrepreneur, I've worked with Peter for 10+ years. He has a strong network and keen insight into technology and finance. Peter is creative in seeing new ways to connect the dots, plugging in established companies with emerging technologies, then connecting you with people that can make things happen. He's generous in offering valuable introductions, and he's always infectiously upbeat.”

    Stuart Park, Hollywood Producer

    “Peter Strople is an exceptional resource for organizations and understands the potential of an innovative idea. Peter is highly effective at leveraging an impressive network of business leaders and takes a visionary approach to the execution of strategic initiatives. Peter provided exceptional business advice and leadership to my company. James Adams, President & CEO, ECOM Interactive.” Peter - Is an outstanding individual with high integrity. He works diligently with his clients to create value for their vision and mission."

    Mike Rogala, US TRUST Bank of America, Houston, TX.

    “Peter is a strategic thinker with superb relationship skills. Upbeat and enthusiastic dealmaker. He invented the "fireside chat" - really listening to partner and client needs. His pioneering spirit helps innovations reach the market. Past successes range from laptops to computer graphics. Peter is a quick study, and a first-rate coach.”

    Colin Haig

    “I unconditionally endorse Peter: as a business partner he has been invaluable in connecting me with the people and services needed; as a friend he's been a great source of insight and inspiration.”

    Dave Evans- Author and Social Marketing Consultant, Digital Voo-Doo

    “If you have an opportunity to work with Peter or use his services, I would highly recommend that you do so. Not only are his services and abilities invaluable but you will be better off on a personal level for getting to know him. You should jump at the chance to find and secure win/win relationships for your business through Peter.”

    Stephen Tarr, former Austin Ventures

    “Peter's knowledge of leading corporations and his connections there are quite remarkable -- and invaluable. He really delivers and is delightful to work with.”

    Michael Turner

    “You are indeed fortunate if you have come to meet Peter Strople. Peter is a man of impeccable integrity, remarkable relationships, and huge heart. The common denominator for business success is relationship driven connections with clients.....and this is where Peter excels and delivers in spades. Contact me directly at any time to discuss Peter Strople; I would consider it my privilege."

    Brian OConnell- Former VP Sales Getronics“

    Peter is the epitome of the concerned businessman/investor to me. Successful at business, his genuine nature endears him to many successful leaders in many walks. While busy, he generously makes time for issues of importance to others. He has crafted solutions through his connections and understanding of how things link together. I value my friendship with Peter. He is a man of character.”

    Mike Cleary- Former CMO Ducks Unlimited

    "I've had the opportunity to witness firsthand Peter's ability and style in putting potential business partners together. His business experience, impeccable reputation and network of acquaintances are a potent combination. He is a "class act" and someone well worth knowing on a personal and professional level.”

    Bill Carroll

    “Peter is a business contact that turns into a lifelong friend. His compassion for people is so rare in today's business world but Peter is not your average person. Peter will not disappoint in fact he will amaze you. I can't think of any other person that I could more highly recommend to do business with than Peter!!”

    Brian R. McClure- Serial Entrepreneur

    “I have been associated with Peter for over 15 years. During that time I have seen how he can influence many sales decisions through his amazing contacts with industry leaders who have stepped up to the plate in support of his goals.These industry leaders believe in Peter's recommendations.”

    Ginny Boulton- Advisor to Zero2

    "Peter has been a tremendous blessing and an advisor with tremendous wisdom for K4C in helping us grow our business. He is a man of his word and is full of integrity. He understands that building REAL and sincere relationships build great businesses. There are many who say they understand that, but few who actually do like Peter. We welcome him as an advisor to our firm."

    Curtis Simpson, Managing Partner, K4C Ventures

    “Peter has been able provide me with introductions that have helped a business I co-founded get to a critical inflection point in its development. Most recently he has provided invaluable input on the business plan for a new venture I have launched.”

    Jeff Connally- Co-Founder Uplink Golf

    “If you're committed to growing your business and you are not using Zero2's Methodology, you are working too hard.Peter Strople will accelerate the growth of your business with bottom line results in any industry in any size of company. Peter can take you from Zero2 success.”

    Mary K Marsden, GM, Former CMO Novell

    “Peter Strople is a person Everyone should know. His uncanny ability to to put the right people and companies together make him one of the most influential people in the business world today. His personable approach and ability to solve issues have made Peter one of the most well connected and sought after people at the executive level. Working with Peter leads to positive results.”

    Mark Chandler- Former CFO and Zero2 Advisor

    “I have known Peter for more than fifteen years. His approach to business is based on very high personal values and ethics. In a phrase, you can take Peter at his word. If he says he will do something, he will. It is that simple."

    Gil Cargill, CEO, The Cargill Group

    “As a client of Peter's, I have spent a considerable amount of time with him over the past two years. He is extremely well-connected nationally and locally, very bright, hard working, honest and impactful. Additionally, he's a wonderful person who is one of the best relationship builders I've ever seen."

    Tod Klubnik- Former VP Sales at Zilliant

    “In a "start up" environment, revenue is king. There is no one better than Peter to help you gain access to top level executives at virtually any corporation in the world. Peter called into our "Dream" customers and helped me reduced my sales cycle time by at least six months. Peter is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.”

    Christopher Reid, SVP Sales, Webside Story

    “Peter's ability to provide access to C-Level individuals was incredibly valuable to my team at Hire.com. His “Fire-Side Chats” are priceless for companies that must reach top executives with their value proposition. I whole-heartedly recommend Peter to sales and marketing executives that need an edge to get to the next level.”

    Michael "Mike" Hancock- VP of Sales, White Glove House Call Healthcare

    “Peter's ability to open doors and "make things happen" at the executive level is truly amazing. Because of his gifted natural ability to create relationships and his proven ability to bring clarity and focus to a business plan, I would recommend him to anyone wanting to accelerate their business"

    Mike Ballensky- CEO Sourceware

    “Peter's unique Fireside Chat process along with his "trusted network" of relationships with industry executives is topnotch! Peter was instrumental in helping us immediately close business. My entire sales team were blown away by theFireside Chat results, the momentum it created was infectious! I highly recommend Peter.”

    Tom Scanland- Former Executive at Powered

    “Peter's vision and charisma is bar-none. His ability to instantiate key partnerships makes him a vital resource to have on your team when you are moving things forward. His business instincts are sharp while his integrity ensures that optimism will not be superseded by practical wisdom. Peter is able to provide viability analysis and help establish key relationships for your business venture.”

    Cary Holley- Emerson Process Control

    “Peter Strople invested in our company over the past several years. During this time we have found Peter to be a man of outstanding vision and character. Through Peter and his network of high level contacts we have been able to progress far beyond our expectations.”

    Doug McKinnon, SVP Emscan Canada

    “Peter Strople brings an unparalleled set of relationships to those fortunate enough to partner with him. And these relationships represent CEO's, COO's, Board Member's and other executives of some of the finest marquee companies across an extraordinary breadth of industries. During my time of partnering with Peter, I observed the measurable level of respect and openness his contacts have for him.”

    Tim Tarkington, Federal Division Oracle Corp.

    “Peter is one of the most connected people I know. Once you meet him you understand why. High Integrity, genuine, results-focused. He can open doors closed to 99% of companies and get truthful answers as to why or why not a product or service will be accepted in the market place. And he does this at a speed no company can do without.”

    Paul Kirchoff, Serial Entrepreneur

    “Peter is one of a kind. I've never met anyone with the depth of executive contacts or the ability to "jumpstart"businesses of any size. The added bonus with Peter is his integrity and astute business acumen.”

    Steve Anderson, Serial Entrepreneur

    “Peter Strople and I met when I was working as independent consultant to America One Television Network. Intent on generating corporate partner revenue, Peter graciously availed personal introductions to influential contacts. His professional success speaks for itself. Personally witnessing character traits of integrity, commitment, unquenchable drive, I'll continue to invest in Peter's advice.”

    Sherry Adams- Media Consultant

    “Peter is one of the most connected individuals I know. He has a unique ability to pick up the phone and reach many of the Fortune 50 top executives. Great guy to know and work with.”

    Jim Palmer, Angel Investor, Jackson, MS.

    “In working with Peter, I've learned a great deal about his abilities, as well as, his character. I am convinced that there are few as well connected and respected as Peter within the most influential "Trust Networks" across the Country. He has earned a well deserved reputation for strong business acumen and ability to leverage his vast network to facilitate win-win strategic deals.”

    Mike Dismore, Agent and Entertainment Consultant

    “During the five years of being in Peter's life, I have witnessed the sweet fruit from his personal and professional commitments. While solidly engaged in commerce, Peter relentlessly maintains his commitment to relationships founded upon truth and integrity. I continue to be astonished by his breadth of knowledge and influence. This is a manI trust and endorse fully as a qualified leader!”

    Noemi Contreras- Freescale

    “Peter Strople is connected to more people than humanly possible! He quickly gets to the value proposition or problem bottleneck of any company or endeavor and is able to articulate the solution in everyday terms. He brings immense value to the table!"

    Wade Allen, CEO- Cendea and Zero2 HR Advisor

    “Peter is an exceptional individual who impeccably executes business introductions between clients and expands market awareness. His synergy and drive has ultimately permitted media-streamsUSA, Inc. to pursue clients that would not have been normally reachable. The bottom line is Zero2 can help any business flourish with the right introductions, a visionary approach, and efficient process.”

    Jeff Everton

    “I first met Peter and his famous Rolodex about 9 years ago, when he helped my account team with great introductions at the C-level. Peter has an energy and attitude that attracts success, and he has proven to be an outstanding business contact, keen business advisor, upstanding person, and good friend. I highly recommend Peter to make things happen.”

    John Cooper

    “Peter is intelligent, tenacious and creative. He is able to understand the potential of an idea, envision the implications and bring together the right people. Peter has personal relationships with many influential Venture Capitalist andIndustrial Leaders. These relationships, coupled with his strong ethical standards make him an unparalleled partner for those considering his services.”

    Jerry Buckley

    “Once H & S asked me to move to Austin, my best client in Atlanta told me Peter Strople was the one person I had to meet. He gave Peter a glowing recommendation suggesting he moved in the most influential circles in the technology community. Needless to say, my client was right on!!!”

    Michael Taylor- Former Managing Partner Heidrick and Struggles

    “Peter seems to be one degree of separation from every important corporate executive in America. He has an incredible ability to quickly identify the real value a company has to offer their market, help them articulate the value proposition, and get them in front of decision makers. He and his remarkable team will be a catalyst to a lasting and positive change in any enterprise.”

    Darby Hershey- Serial Entrepreneur

    “Peter is the absolute best at connecting people and does so with a passion I have never seen before. His integrity makes his collaborative collection of varied and diverse individuals what most networks lack: trusted and respected. If you are considering developing a connection with Peter, I can assure you that you will create one that will possess limitless possibilities and infinite success.”

    Drew Fessler, Former VP Business Development at GE Security